Monday, 3 October 2011

St. Francis PTA Bingo Night Adds Over £100 to Funds

An enjoyable nights bingo was held in the St. Francis school hall with an attendance possibly affected by the unseasonably muggy weather. Those present certainly got into the spirit and plenty of books were sold for each game. For the first time we had gone hi-tech with the numbers appearing on the large screen and selected by computer. Things ran smoothly and eventually after a long silence during the games the cry 'house' went up. We held three bingo sessions in all and held a raffle during the night again well supported by the people who attended.

The night wasn't just for adults as the children played their own now legendary 'ping pong bingo' game (see picture above) played when we had a break between the adult bingo sessions. It always creates great excitement for the children waiting to see if they'll be eliminated and both sessions we had sold out.

Again another fun night where as well as raising funds people also enjoyed themselves and in some lucky cases went away with the jackpots. We do try at St. Francis PTA to combine raising funds with having fun and in some cases a chance to win some money. We plan to hold another bingo session early in the Near Year so please come along as you'll be Helping Us To Help The School.